Reducing Infinites

Like most of us, right my primary means of consuming new content is via an RSS reader. I’ve pretty much forsaken Facebook except to keep up with family and old friends and occasionally use my Google+ page as a means of discovering new content (mainly photography, both terrestrial and space), but 99% of the time I open up Feedly.

Lately I’ve felt like I’m sliding back into the “infinite content that I don’t actually care about but spend time reading anyways” trap. So I’m cleaning house and trimming down. Here’s what’s in my RSS feed now (will be updated if I feel like I’m missing things):


  Bad Astronomy  

  Preposterous Universe  



  The Loop  

  Lucid Motions  

Science and Space News:

  Scientific Method  

  National Geographic News  

  New Scientist – Online news  

  Scientific American  

  Universe Today  

  NASA Breaking News  


  News and Features – NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory  

  Planetary Society Blog  

Other Stuff:

  Ars Technica  

  Daring Fireball  

  Rock, Paper, Shotgun