Welcome to my little part of the interwebs!iegt4yy1_400x400-2

I’m a research scientist at Caltech working on NuSTAR, working on the science operations team as well as a member of several of the science working groups.

You want to know more about me? My LinkedIn profile is up to date and I also have a science CV for your perusal that is up-to-date as of Jan/2016. A more detailed and updated CV (with all my recent publications) can be made upon request.

My scientific publications can be found via this search query on the ADS. My scientific interests are pretty varied, with X-ray astronomy dominating things for the last few years as I’ve been involved in the development of NuSTAR.

You can find me on github, where I mostly contribute to the NuSTAR public repo. But I’m constantly forking things that I’m convinced I’ll have time to tinker with…there’s a NuSTAR dev Slack channel if you want to keep up with what’s going on there.

Here for something other than science? I write here.

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