That’s no moon…

…it’s a space station. Well, not really. But even this thing at a measly 300(ish) meters across has enough gravity to trap a moon (and keep it bound, even when it’s doing a flyby of MUCH bigger fish, like us).

Full story with an animated gif of the moon orbiting the asteroid here:


Commuting is for the birds

Okay, so I know that this is old news for most people, but commuting sucks. If the world were a perfect place, then we’d all be able to ditch the car, live in close proximity to all of our friends and relatives, and have an amazing grocery store within an easy bike ride of our homes. Sadly, the world doens’t all give us what we want. Fortunately (for me, at least), working from home (or from a café, like today) is certainly a vast improvement over spending an extra four hours a week in my car. And evidently it’s making me money, too. Woot.

One week in Google’s Inbox

I’ve been in the process of attempting to reduce the electronic clutter in my life. I talked a little bit about this before, and I’ve certainly haven’t missed the deluge of posts in my RSS feed. I decided to take the next step and try to see if I could make myself a “Inbox Zero” kind of person. I’ve flirted with Mailbox and others before, but I tended to revert to a combination of the vanialla Mail (for personal use) and the standard Gmail app (for work email). However, neither of these really helped in the “quickly clearing junk out of my Inbox” kind of way. Enter Inbox.

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Merging Active Galaxies

Beautiful new shot of Arp299. Red/Blue are the NuSTAR false color hard X-ray images overlaid on an HST optical image.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/GSFC

Associated news release here, where you can also get a link to larger versions of the image. Because you know you want this to rotate through as your desktop background.

Reducing Infinites

Like most of us, right my primary means of consuming new content is via an RSS reader. I’ve pretty much forsaken Facebook except to keep up with family and old friends and occasionally use my Google+ page as a means of discovering new content (mainly photography, both terrestrial and space), but 99% of the time I open up Feedly.

Lately I’ve felt like I’m sliding back into the “infinite content that I don’t actually care about but spend time reading anyways” trap. So I’m cleaning house and trimming down. Here’s what’s in my RSS feed now (will be updated if I feel like I’m missing things):

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The Sun with NuSTAR

Yep, we made it into APOD. And on the evening news. Woot. This particular link goes straight to the APOD coverage, but if you Google “NuSTAR Sun” then you can find lots of great coverage.